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Rosina Abraham:
21/06/1925 - 08/01/2017

Date Of Publication13/06/2017
Date Of Birth21/06/1925
Date Of Death08/01/2017
Place Of DeathWestminster London SW1
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Similar Forenames: Rosina

NameDate of birth/death
Aylward,Rosina Clara Kingsley07/02/1905-05/03/1992
Bench,June Rosina Paice04/06/1932-01/09/2014
Branch,Rosina Amelia 30/11/-0001-18/07/1994
Bratley,Rosina 13/06/1910-12/01/2002
Bryce,Rosina Dorothy 27/01/1920-30/10/1994
Carlton,Rosina Harrison17/05/1903-28/08/1985
Dawson,Hilda Rosina Dawson27/04/1920-05/12/1991
Delanoir,Rosina 14/11/1907-22/07/1992
Dutton,Ethel Rosina 01/11/1920-18/04/1991
Faning,Rosina Cordelia 08/02/1892-06/04/1985

Similar Surnames: Abraham

NameDate of birth/death
Abraham,Alexander 06/01/1912-09/05/1993
Abraham,Emmanuel John 26/12/1952-08/03/2017
Abraham,Olatunde 23/09/1926-11/11/2014
Abrahamowitz,Jack 30/11/-0001-16/09/1996
Abrahams,John 01/04/1915-29/07/1995
Abrahams,Brina Hoffman19/07/1903-20/03/1989

Similar Place of Death: Westminster London SW1

NameDate of birth/death
Abeuratne,Duleep 20/11/1930-08/08/2016
Andre,Joseph 10/04/1947-28/02/1999
Andrews,Cyril George 30/11/-0001-27/09/1997
Armour,Kathleen Gallaher30/10/1913-04/03/1988
Ashby,Derek 24/06/1917-24/07/2006
Baldwin,Stanley George 24/01/1943-27/06/1997
Banks,Doris 08/07/1895-11/04/1985
Barbour,John 14/11/1930-20/04/1992
Barlow,Alice Maud Mary 02/04/1909-01/02/1990
Bartlett,Ann Gilmore14/12/1919-12/08/2001