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Stewart Ansell:
04/01/1950 - 01/11/2012

Date Of Publication30/12/2014
Date Of Birth04/01/1950
Date Of Death01/11/2012
Place Of DeathBradford West Yorkshire
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Similar Forenames: Stewart

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Similar Surnames: Ansell

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Hansell,Caroline Martin04/05/1899-11/01/1985
Hansell,Kluux Dietter 29/10/1947-15/01/2012
Mansell,Maud 04/07/1898-05/01/1992
Mansell,Frederick Raymond William Kitson 24/07/1910-08/04/2004
Mansell,Gwladys Eunice 10/09/1903-05/07/2003
Mansell,Beatrice May 30/11/1918-01/05/1991
Mansell,Lilly 02/10/1902-12/12/1989

Similar Place of Death: Bradford West Yorkshire

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