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Bernard Armstrong:
04/02/1927 - 13/02/2017

Date Of Publication12/04/2018
Date Of Birth04/02/1927
Date Of Death13/02/2017
Place Of DeathBradford West Yorkshire
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Similar Forenames: Bernard

NameDate of birth/death
Ford,Thomas Bernard 23/10/1917-16/01/1987
Friedman,Gerald Bernard 19/04/1930-05/05/2016
Gallagher,Bernard 12/02/1939-21/01/2017
Geller,George Bernard 01/06/1930-25/09/1998
Gilroy,Bernard 23/03/1931-19/01/2000
Giroth,Bernard 26/07/1949-24/10/2006
Gooch,Bernard Ronald Victor 19/07/1923-20/05/1990
Gouge,Bernard George 27/11/1932-06/05/2003
Gray,Bernard Charles 27/10/1935-19/09/2015
Griffiths,Bernard Harold 31/07/1909-19/02/1997

Similar Surnames: Armstrong

NameDate of birth/death
Armstrong,Leslie Barrington 30/11/-0001-03/02/1990
Armstrong,Marion 30/11/-0001-22/09/2001
Armstrong,Patrick 28/03/1921-25/02/2001
Armstrong,Kevin 04/09/1948-05/10/2014
Armstrong,Mary Davies09/07/1913-16/01/1991

Similar Place of Death: Bradford West Yorkshire

NameDate of birth/death
Brown,Sally 16/12/1891-11/01/1989
Bryan,Jack 25/09/1950-06/09/2012
Buckle,Leonard 03/07/1928-06/10/2015
Buckley,Peter Reginald 02/11/1954-23/02/2017
Burns,Brian 27/04/1964-06/04/2012
Burton,Jack 19/08/1929-07/04/2011
Buterlewicz,Marie 30/11/-0001-18/03/1994
Capon,Denis 10/03/1928-23/12/2011
Carter,Alan 08/07/1942-06/01/2008
Carter,Elsie 05/01/1925-04/09/2014