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Rosemary Avery:
09/12/1939 - 17/05/2017

Date Of Publication18/01/2018
Date Of Birth09/12/1939
Date Of Death17/05/2017
Place Of DeathReading Berkshire
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Similar Forenames: Rosemary

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Alexander,Rosemary Lisbeth 16/07/1951-12/08/1999
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Similar Surnames: Avery

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Avery,Dorothy 02/06/1898-03/04/1988
Avery,Gladys 14/07/1920-21/04/2003
Avery,Kenneth 18/11/1920-14/01/1996
Avery,Winifred Mary Thompson26/09/1920-04/06/2011
Avery,Phyllis May 15/12/1929-11/02/2015
Avery,Jean Kathleen Frances 05/09/1930-07/02/2011

Similar Place of Death: Reading Berkshire

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Barker,Albert 27/07/1899-15/08/1987
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