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Winifred Bishop:
07/04/1905 - 14/02/1994

Date Of Publication30/11/-0001
Date Of Birth07/04/1905
Date Of Death14/02/1994
Place Of DeathTunbridge Wells Kent
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Similar Forenames: Winifred

NameDate of birth/death
Adams,Elsie Winifred 27/11/1909-24/02/2002
Aked,Winifred 06/03/1899-06/05/1990
Alexander,Winifred Annie 27/11/1898-22/04/1989
Algar,Winifred Mary 30/11/-0001-05/06/1993
Ambler,Winifred 12/10/1901-21/11/1990
Austin,Gladys Winifred 30/11/-0001-13/05/1995
Avery,Winifred Mary Thompson26/09/1920-04/06/2011
Ayers,Winifred 30/11/-0001-30/04/2005
Backhouse,Joyce Winifred 19/04/1921-19/07/2015
Baker,Winifred May 29/11/1907-07/02/1987

Similar Surnames: Bishop

NameDate of birth/death
Bishop,Gerald 20/02/1948-20/05/2016
Bishop,Winifred Annie Eyre16/05/1916-06/11/1994
Bishop,Karen Rose 15/01/1958-14/10/2015
Bishop,Graham 03/03/1939-30/01/2016
Bishop,Vera 16/03/1933-27/03/2014
Bishop,Daisy 12/02/1896-15/06/1990
Bishop,Vivenne Maud Thomas08/04/1897-25/12/1991
Bishop,Charles William 13/09/1914-02/01/1987
Bishop,Ann 28/05/1947-19/10/2016
Bishop,Faye 30/06/1948-28/02/2013

Similar Place of Death: Tunbridge Wells Kent

NameDate of birth/death
Andrews,Alan 07/04/1932-19/08/2001
Archer,Trevor William 27/01/1935-01/09/2014
Bardon,Winifred 01/09/1902-28/07/1994
Barker,Leslie Edward 05/05/1924-16/02/1993
Beeching,Winifred Frances 01/11/1919-19/11/1985
Bishop,Elizabeth 25/02/1909-29/07/1986
Blackburn,William Robert 05/03/1923-25/10/2000
Brackenbury,William 03/03/1901-11/07/1990
Bruce,Vernon 17/04/1927-23/05/2016
Buck,Stuart 17/03/1927-25/02/1988