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Norman Burgess:
06/07/1941 - 24/08/2017

Date Of Publication29/03/2018
Date Of Birth06/07/1941
Date Of Death24/08/2017
Place Of DeathCrewe Cheshire
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Similar Forenames: Norman

NameDate of birth/death
Allen,Isadore Norman 30/11/-0001-01/04/1987
Antiss,Richard Norman 22/01/1930-07/07/2015
Barnes,Norman 24/04/1940-07/03/2015
Barrett,Norman 22/10/1930-06/03/2014
Bateman,Norman 29/05/1932-21/04/2014
Belton,Derek Norman 28/06/1934-08/03/2009
Bolton,Norman Arthur Macleod 09/08/1925-18/08/2014
Bond,Norman 22/10/1920-14/11/1990
Boyle,Norman 14/03/1936-03/04/2014
Bradley,Norman 29/08/1922-07/11/1990

Similar Surnames: Burgess

NameDate of birth/death
Burgess,Dennis 27/03/1930-06/06/2015
Burgess,Elsie Forrest13/02/1902-13/02/1991
Burgess,Alan 11/04/1932-10/11/2006
Burgess,Beatrice 09/01/1904-04/01/2000
Burgess,Dorothy 05/09/1910-28/03/2000
Burgess,Dorothy 16/11/1907-01/05/2010
Burgess,George William Albert 30/11/-0001-04/09/1990
Burgess,Henry 07/10/1916-08/12/2006
Burgess,Leslie James 30/11/-0001-15/05/1996
Burgess,Marianne Janina Jablonska19/06/1910-20/12/1991

Similar Place of Death: Crewe Cheshire

NameDate of birth/death
Barnes,George 08/05/1904-06/01/1988
Bleasdale,Marion 04/06/1939-27/09/2015
Bravo,Sylvester 18/01/1920-21/09/2010
Carey,Michael 20/02/1931-17/08/2006
Challenger,Dorothy Wright29/06/1904-20/11/1985
Clynes,Marjorie Dodd18/02/1907-09/06/1990
Cort,Phyllis Swain09/09/1924-04/08/1986
Crompton,Annie 08/02/1909-30/12/1989
Czerniawska,Pelagia otherwise Paula 10/10/1900-01/12/1985
Dale,Queenie Constance Pells17/02/1909-28/12/1985