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Eric Choules:
07/07/1937 - 16/06/2017

Date Of Publication05/12/2017
Date Of Birth07/07/1937
Date Of Death16/06/2017
Place Of DeathBasingstoke Hampshire
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Similar Forenames: Eric

NameDate of birth/death
Smith,Frederick 01/01/1938-05/08/2014
Hewson,Eric 20/11/1939-12/12/2014
Keefe,Eric John 26/05/1932-28/02/2011
Smyth,Frederick 29/11/1929-23/05/2014
Byrne,Eric 26/02/1936-22/08/2014
Cumming,Frederick 05/03/1938-07/07/2012
Tiersch,Fritz Erich 07/06/1921-17/05/2014
Moore,Horace Frederick 23/10/1921-23/09/2007
McCabe,Frederick 23/09/1933-15/09/2010
Bishop,Frederick George Charles 11/10/1924-30/11/2011

Similar Surnames: Choules

NameDate of birth/death
No results found.

Similar Place of Death: Basingstoke Hampshire

NameDate of birth/death
Vaughan,Frederick William 03/09/1914-23/04/1997
Dempsey,Ada Margaret 06/09/1910-10/07/1994
Williams,Marjorie 17/10/1910-19/03/1988
Ashley,Blodwyn 26/03/1920-23/10/1991
Wye,Elizabeth Catherine 23/06/1907-20/10/1994
Englefield,Ernest Edward 24/02/1904-18/09/1984
Hendry,Walter 10/02/1924-11/06/1999
Carpenter,Lesley Denise 27/11/1953-25/11/2005
Hughes,Joseph 16/06/1910-19/12/1988
Magee,Richard William Arthur 24/02/1906-27/08/1990