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Eric Choules:
07/07/1937 - 16/06/2017

Date Of Publication05/12/2017
Date Of Birth07/07/1937
Date Of Death16/06/2017
Place Of DeathBasingstoke Hampshire
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Latest Estates

NameDate Of PublicationDate Of DeathPlace Of Death
Adams,Alice Joan 30/11/-000111/08/1994Tower Hamlets London E14
Adamson,Edna 30/11/-000124/09/1993Leeds West Yorkshire
Adcock,Brian 22/09/201708/05/2015Luton Bedfordshire
Addison,Sean 10/03/201702/02/2017Sunderland Tyne and Wear
Addison,John 14/09/201528/05/2015Southampton Hampshire
Addo,Florence 26/09/201626/05/2016Leytonstone London E11
Addy,Kenneth 02/05/201417/01/2014Norwich Norfolk
Addy,John 30/11/-000108/08/1995
Addy,Hugh 07/06/201722/06/2014Streatham London SW16
Adebiyi,Adenike 30/11/-000105/10/2004Islington London N1

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NameDate of birth/death
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Clark,Thomas Frederick Nuttall 22/10/1926-04/04/1988
Clarke,Frederick 03/03/1916-08/05/2003
Coates,Frederick 30/11/-0001-27/04/1995
Cobb,Eric Samuel 24/12/1917-30/03/2007
Cockbain,Eric 16/06/1940-29/06/2017
Cockhead,Ashley Frederick 11/03/1946-06/06/2015
Collett,William Frederick 06/02/1920-15/12/1999
Collins,Frederick Charles 30/11/-0001-13/02/1996
Collins,Frederick James 30/11/-0001-13/07/1995

Similar Surnames: Choules

NameDate of birth/death
No results found.

Similar Place of Death: Basingstoke Hampshire

NameDate of birth/death
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Walker-Smith,James 30/11/-0001-24/09/1998
Waring,Norah Frances 09/02/1900-04/11/1986
Whitbread,Arthur Charles Edward 16/09/1917-07/05/1991
Williams,Marjorie 17/10/1910-19/03/1988
Wilson,Dennis Joseph George 18/04/1920-06/02/1999
Wye,Elizabeth Catherine 23/06/1907-20/10/1994