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Bella Cohen:
14/04/1908 - 10/12/2002

Date Of Publication30/11/-0001
Date Of Birth14/04/1908
Date Of Death10/12/2002
Place Of DeathMiddlesborough Cleveland
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Similar Forenames: Bella

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Beaston,Isabella 16/07/1904-26/01/1987
Buettner,Shirley Isabella Jean Flett04/11/1942-02/02/2005
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Buyers,Mary Bella 09/05/1908-18/08/1993
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Gowing,Joyce Winifred Isabella Utting08/03/1926-04/01/2004
Herlihy,Isabella Moore11/12/1895-14/06/1992

Similar Surnames: Cohen

NameDate of birth/death
Cohen,Alexander 19/11/1962-10/10/2013
Cohen,Leonard 07/12/1922-02/06/2007
Cohen,Simon 03/11/1910-16/01/2010
Cohen,Lewis 28/04/1912-31/12/1989
Cohen,Davi 25/10/1935-11/12/2011
Cohen,Joseph 21/07/1931-15/10/2015
Cohen,Roger Yehodi 23/12/1945-05/06/2016
Cohen,Isadore 15/09/1910-26/06/1994
Cohen,Bertram 30/11/-0001-08/01/1991
Cohen,Mary 10/01/1908-06/08/1987

Similar Place of Death: Middlesborough Cleveland

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Bidum,Eugene 14/03/1908-05/01/2002
Dwyer,Rose 30/11/-0001-11/03/1997
Emmerson,Enid 03/02/1926-18/11/2007
Hodgson,Bernard Dennis William 30/11/-0001-20/05/2001
Hutton,Maurice 06/12/1923-27/01/1998
Johnson,Orlando 03/06/1954-01/12/2006
Mullen,Kathleen 09/09/1926-13/12/2009
Patterson,Alan Raymond 30/11/-0001-14/12/2005
Robinson,Robert Stanley 19/02/1919-20/07/1995