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Minnie Cook:
04/10/1898 - 03/12/1986

Date Of Publication30/11/-0001
Date Of Birth04/10/1898
Date Of Death03/12/1986
Place Of DeathCheltenham Gloucestershire
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Similar Forenames: Minnie

NameDate of birth/death
Ballantine,Minnie Viola 10/02/1899-08/07/1985
Bidgood,Edith Minnie 08/12/1896-28/06/1993
Bramwell,Kathleen Minnie Brain17/08/1922-26/10/1997
Cartland,Minnie Hatch12/09/1900-24/11/1992
Castle,Minnie Edith Gwendoline Ward07/02/1904-15/04/1995
Chadwick,Minnie Florence Bridgens15/05/1907-26/10/1997
Clarke,Minnie Philomenia 30/11/-0001-11/07/1994
Cogan,Minnie 17/11/1909-13/02/1996
Congdon,Minnie Marguerite Parham09/04/1900-13/06/1989
Davies,Marjorie Minnie 24/05/1920-26/07/2004

Similar Surnames: Cook

NameDate of birth/death
Cook,Mary Ann 03/03/1896-01/02/1988
Cook,Richard Francis 12/02/1906-17/06/1988
Cook,Jane 16/09/1918-21/01/2016
Cook,Arthur 30/11/-0001-06/01/1991
Cook,George 08/01/1912-16/09/1991
Cook,Gertrude Ethel 20/10/1921-08/05/1991
Cook,John 23/01/1941-14/04/2017
Cook,Albert Charles 27/07/1923-19/09/1987
Cook,Annie Binkcliffe04/02/1918-19/12/1995
Cook,Dorothy Emma 21/08/1908-05/03/1991

Similar Place of Death: Cheltenham Gloucestershire

NameDate of birth/death
Beard,Ian Nigel 30/11/-0001-11/03/1995
Bellamacina,Yan Josef 13/08/1933-10/03/1998
Bennett,Mary Winifred 30/11/-0001-01/06/1998
Bevan,Frederick John 23/07/1932-09/04/2014
Brown,Henry George 22/03/1936-21/09/2016
Carlyon,Edith 13/09/1916-23/04/1990
Carter,Brian Kenneth 21/12/1937-05/04/2016
Case,Henry George 12/12/1903-01/12/1984
Cook,Josephine Rachel 02/02/1935-03/11/2016
Cox,Frances Vera Bedwell24/04/1911-09/10/2000