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Celia Desmond:
20/02/1933 - 19/10/2005

Date Of Publication31/08/2017
Date Of Birth20/02/1933
Date Of Death19/10/2005
Place Of DeathCamden London NW1
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Similar Forenames: Celia

NameDate of birth/death
Bright,Celia Lucinda 24/01/1944-21/02/2017
Casey,Celia 16/04/1928-14/10/2007
Groves,Celia 18/12/1908-27/01/1987
Harris,Winifred Celia 04/01/1903-06/12/1999
Henderson,Celia 11/02/1907-23/12/1998
Holdcroft,Celia 25/07/1913-17/01/1993
Holt,Celia 27/02/1916-13/10/1986
Norman,Celia 26/03/1899-20/01/1986
Powell,Cecelia Susan 06/03/1953-26/07/2014
Powis,Cecelia Minnie Smith12/03/1906-28/11/1993

Similar Surnames: Desmond

NameDate of birth/death
Desmond,George 17/03/1902-29/03/1988
Desmond,Eileen 20/01/1936-12/07/2007

Similar Place of Death: Camden London NW1

NameDate of birth/death
Ahmed,Iqbal 01/03/1936-10/10/2007
Alexander,Alfred 29/08/1904-26/11/1993
Allan-Blake,Lena 30/11/-0001-08/05/1985
Allen,Alfred Leonard 31/10/1915-27/12/1992
Anjaria,Sadikali 21/12/1913-14/08/1997
Anthony,Thomas 10/08/1928-07/04/1996
Bailey,Neville 29/06/1931-28/02/2005
Banks,Marie Sophia 08/11/1926-28/09/2013
Banks,Ernest 06/06/1896-18/08/1987
Barclay,Edythe 09/03/1891-06/10/1985