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Sean Gallagher:
29/06/1938 - 30/09/2017

Date Of Publication17/11/2017
Date Of Birth29/06/1938
Date Of Death30/09/2017
Place Of DeathSouthall London UB1
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Similar Forenames: Sean

NameDate of birth/death
Addison,Sean 16/07/1961-02/02/2017
Chapman,Michael Sean 16/02/1955-17/11/2012
Collopy,Sean Anthony 09/10/1947-16/04/2009
Doherty,Sean Hamilton 03/08/1949-05/05/2010
Farrell,Sean 24/09/1920-04/10/1991
Foreshaw,Gerald Sean 30/11/-0001-19/05/1995
Geoghegan,Sean 30/11/-0001-24/04/1998
Gulliford,Michael Sean 02/06/1944-15/07/2016
McTigue,Brian Sean 24/07/1939-15/04/2016
Moffatt,Sean 24/05/1959-30/11/2004

Similar Surnames: Gallagher

NameDate of birth/death
Gallagher,Francis Joseph 03/06/1923-06/09/1986
Gallagher,Leonard 23/08/1908-04/09/1987
Gallagher,Maureen M 16/07/1921-17/03/2011
Gallagher,Rose Gwendoline Parker14/02/1913-06/06/1991
Gallagher,John Gerard 07/10/1914-02/06/1987
Gallagher,Edith 29/06/1925-01/04/2014
Gallagher,Edward Charles 03/07/1942-05/08/2008
Gallagher,John 30/11/-0001-12/06/2003
Gallagher,John 09/06/1911-14/06/1998
Gallagher,John James 30/11/-0001-16/09/1994

Similar Place of Death: Southall London UB1

NameDate of birth/death
Birch,Florence Beatrice Benn18/10/1920-12/09/2014
Brennan,John 30/11/-0001-12/06/2001
Brierly,Florence 02/12/1889-28/10/1985
Feore,William 15/07/1916-28/11/1993
Garnham,Gladys Louisa Cullingford11/02/1903-30/05/1995
Harrington,John 26/09/1949-30/10/2015
Nurse,Gladys 01/05/1912-05/12/1993
Picton,Patrick 24/04/1918-03/05/1994
Reeves,Dorothy 29/03/1915-28/03/1987
Stoddard,John Anthony 10/01/1939-06/01/2015