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Annie McLoughlin:
30/11/-0001 - 12/07/1988

Date Of Publication30/11/-0001
Date Of Birth30/11/-0001
Date Of Death12/07/1988
Place Of DeathClaro North Yorkshire
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Similar Forenames: Annie

NameDate of birth/death
Abrey,Lilian Annie 06/06/1903-03/02/1985
Alexander,Winifred Annie 27/11/1898-22/04/1989
Allen,Annie 29/11/1907-22/11/2003
Anthony,Annie Williams19/02/1923-17/09/2006
Archer,Annie 12/11/1921-06/06/1994
Arnold,Annie Elizabeth 11/10/1904-27/12/1985
Aston,Annie Adela 30/09/1899-30/12/1991
Atkinson,Annie 19/03/1902-16/04/1985
Austin,Annie 30/11/-0001-22/03/1993
Baker,Annie 16/12/1915-27/06/2001

Similar Surnames: McLoughlin

NameDate of birth/death
Mcloughlin,Christopher Michael 25/12/1933-11/02/2017
McLoughlin,Helen 30/11/-0001-10/02/1991
McLoughlin,Edward 30/11/-0001-31/08/1996
McLoughlin,Kathleen Loughlin08/07/1943-02/07/2014
McLoughlin,Marjorie 15/08/1915-06/01/2008
McLoughlin,Joseph 19/12/1940-10/10/2017

Similar Place of Death: Claro North Yorkshire

NameDate of birth/death
Andrews,Kathleen 27/09/1901-17/09/1988
Bearder,Leonard 25/03/1923-20/01/1992
Braithwaite,Fred 19/11/1918-24/06/1992
Crowther,Elsie 14/04/1901-26/12/1988
Hannam,Lily 16/08/1922-05/10/1992
Hayton,Emily 03/05/1893-25/01/1991
Hewitson,Muriel 17/06/1908-01/07/1992
Horner,Dorothy Barlow26/02/1917-19/02/1993
Jackson,Dennis 17/10/1924-07/10/1992
Norman,Hilda 08/10/1909-17/12/1990