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Terence Mulroy:
13/11/1936 - 09/01/2003

Date Of Publication06/09/2017
Date Of Birth13/11/1936
Date Of Death09/01/2003
Place Of DeathMargate Kent
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Latest Estates

NameDate Of PublicationDate Of DeathPlace Of Death
Riccalton,Reginald 30/11/-000123/11/2003
Rice,Albert 30/11/-000129/10/1997
Walker,Leslie 30/11/-000105/01/1999
Austin,Gordon Henry 30/11/-000115/06/1997
Howarth,Ronald 30/11/-000125/01/1998
Peacock,Edward James 30/11/-000103/06/1990
Rice,James Charles 30/11/-000107/01/1996
Shaberman,Sarah 30/11/-000115/01/1996
Stapleton,Constance 30/11/-000118/03/2000
Werner,Bertha Wilhemine 30/11/-000108/08/1995

Similar Forenames: Terence

NameDate of birth/death
Shaw,Terence Anthony 30/11/-0001-03/10/1992
Craigen,Terence Francis 28/01/1948-10/09/2014
Page,Terence Brian 30/11/-0001-15/01/1996
Reid,Robert Terence 16/10/1927-20/01/1993
Genders,Terence 19/05/1957-12/09/2016
Peters,Terence Malcolm 22/10/1945-13/05/2002
Griffiths,Terence Keith 08/10/1935-26/05/2008
Clench,John Terence 07/02/1925-05/11/2009
Tracey,Terence Thomas 02/01/1945-16/09/2007
Larkin,Terence 31/10/1950-05/03/2017

Similar Surnames: Mulroy

NameDate of birth/death
No results found.

Similar Place of Death: Margate Kent

NameDate of birth/death
West,Alfred 09/08/1926-02/08/1996
Daw,Una 05/01/1927-23/04/2015
Court,Ann 14/03/1936-22/05/2015
Nash,Hilda Mary Shannon18/05/1931-19/02/2001
Shafi,Kamilla 12/10/1915-02/09/2011
Howell,Peter 12/08/1937-08/12/2007
Dove,Joseph 02/02/1918-30/11/2003
Midwinter,Tassia Voulgaridou25/11/1925-01/10/2001
Jayne,Michael Derek 16/04/1935-01/04/2015
Hicks,Stanley 21/10/1919-06/05/2006