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Enid Ward:
29/05/1921 - 19/12/1989

Date Of Publication30/11/-0001
Date Of Birth29/05/1921
Date Of Death19/12/1989
Place Of DeathTamworth Staffordshire
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Similar Forenames: Enid

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Lewis,Enid Gwendoline 27/06/1903-03/04/1999
Morgan,Enid Iris 05/08/1923-29/11/1993
Nicholls,Enid Mary Howe26/12/1914-01/09/1995

Similar Surnames: Ward

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Aylward,Terence Francis 08/11/1937-31/10/2017
Aylward,Hilda 31/10/1903-26/10/1988
Bedward,Eric Vincent 24/04/1924-27/10/2000
Churchward-Wynne,Peter 28/07/1929-21/04/2016
Coward,David Alan 27/11/1947-11/04/2016
Coward,Ethel Maureen 04/11/1936-29/08/2014
Coward,Elsie Greer24/12/1909-06/06/1994
Edwardes,Richard Terrace 12/02/1915-16/05/2014

Similar Place of Death: Tamworth Staffordshire

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Dickenson,John Barry 10/02/1946-25/05/2013
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